Bosch Brake Campaign 51101-C FAQ

Q. What is the potential defect with brake calipers installed on units involved in Campaign 51101-C?
A. The brake calipers can stick in the applied position, causing the brake to drag which may result in abnormal heat generation at the wheel end. Vehicles that experience these concerns may have the affected calipers built with phenolic pistons which can change in size. Change in caliper piston size is due to the absorption of moisture, which when combined with heat, can prevent the piston from releasing normally.

Q. How can I verify if my vehicle is part of Campaign 51101-C?
A. Workhorse has created a web page so owners can check to see if their units are involved by entering their 17 digit Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) on . All Workhorse RV chassis’ Vehicle Identification Numbers will begin with “5B4”. If a “6” is present in the 6th position of the 17 digit VIN then your unit will be part of Campaign 51101-C. Owners will also be able to register and verify their address is up to date on this site.

Q. What is the final remedy for Campaign 51101-C?
A. The final remedy will be to install 4 new redesigned brake caliper assemblies with a different piston material that is impervious to moisture absorption. Campaign 51101-C covers replacement and bleeding of 4 brake calipers. Other brake system components such as but not limited to brake pads and rotors are considered wearable maintenance items and are not part of Campaign 51101-C.

Q. Should I schedule an appointment to have campaign 51101-C performed?
A. Affected owners should contact their local Authorized Workhorse Service Center to schedule an appointment for Campaign 51101-C. If an Authorized Workhorse Service Center is not available please contact Precision Sales & Service for help getting the brake campaign completed. Call 877-403-7827, and advise Buddy or Brian you have a coach with an open campaign.


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