About Us

Long regarded as one of the South’s most reputable service centers for RVs and Commercial Trucks, Precision Sales and Service stocks chassis and performance parts for all Workhorse and GM chassis Trucks. We can also ship hard to find truck and RV parts.

Been wondering where to find parts for your WORKHORSE or General Motors P-chassis?

Precision Sales & Service, Inc. is your source for parts as well as service or warranty repairs. This includes the WORKHORSE and General Motors motor home and commercial chassis.

We have been in business since 1991 providing parts and service on all types of vehicles including RV’s (motor homes), commercial, fleet and industrial vehicles. These include trucks, vans and forklifts.

In 2000, we became a dealer for WORKHORSE CUSTOM CHASSIS which was shortly after their introduction as a separate manufacturer from G.M. producing RV and commercial chassis as well as complete commercial vehicles commonly know as step vans. Since then we have worked to become one of the premiere service and parts facilities by providing what is needed to keep WORKHORSE customers driving their vehicles.

Whether you have an RV or delivery truck with a WORKHORSE chassis, at Precision Sales & Service, Inc. we try to stock the parts you’ll need to stay on the road.

We stock chassis parts including brake parts such as brake boosters, calipers, disc pads, brake hoses, hub caps, rotors, ABS sensors and oil seals for the P and W series motor home and commercial chassis. We also carry cooling system parts such as radiators, water pumps, hoses, drive belts and tensioners.

Other items commonly stocked are fuel pump modules, filters, sending units, exhaust manifolds, oil cooler lines, ignition switches, throttle cables, suspension, steering and sway bar components. We also keep a good supply of air conditioner parts such as compressors, drier/receivers and expansion valves on hand for when the hot weather arrives.

We specialize in stocking the most commonly used parts for the J-71 Auto-Park system used from 1990 on the GM and WORKHORSE “P” series motor home chassis.

We focus on keeping the parts on hand to for the vehicles that make a living for the people driving them. These include Fed Ex Home Delivery, UPS, Lance, Unifirst, G&K, Aramark, Paramount, Interstate Brands, Frito Lay and many others. We know if that truck isn’t moving it is costing money sitting there so we try to stock all the most commonly needed parts to minimize downtime.

We are a dealer for the commercial body builders as well such as Morgan, Utilimaster, Union City and Supreme. A good inventory of hardware such as hinges, door handles, latches and locks are available for immediate shipping. Parts such as door glass or windshields are available as well.

As far as shipping, if we get the order in by 4:00 PM central time the order will normally ship out the same day. We ship anywhere including Canada, Central and South America.

No order is too big or too small to receive the attention needed to get it to you efficiently and quickly.

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